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Our Green Your Events Guide has everything you need to know about making your event more sustainable. There’s a lot more that goes into it than just making recycle bins available. For example, there are water bottle filling stations available for outdoor events and hydration stations in buildings to fill water pitchers or carafes to forgo water bottles and save money.

For more information, contact:

Julie Parsons, Facilities Event Coordinator, 607-255-3751

Kimberly Anderson, Sustainability Engagement Manager, 607-255-6591

You can actually Green Your Office in under an hour! When you do, your office then receives a Green Office Certification that you can proudly display on your wall. It’s simple. Just Register your office via email, download the Green Office Checklist, then submit your completed checklist to CSO.

First and foremost, start making changes in your own life TODAY that promote sustainability. Then, become informed. Cornell offers over 700 classes that feature sustainability across all sorts of fields. Join a club! There are over 40 student sustainability clubs on campus, all featuring different initiatives, so you are sure to find your passion. 

Take steps in your own life and at home to live more sustainably. We offer lots of tips, tricks, and resources to help you do just that. Next, find out how you can green your office or lab. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can even get it done in under an hour. Engage in sustainability research. We partner with several entities on campus that can help you get started.  We need YOU.

University Departments may order plastic blue recycle bins directly from R5 Operations at cost. To place order for either a desk side recycle bin, or a "Slim Jim" recycle bin, please submit a service request. Prices are at cost, but are priced for small orders. Large quantities of bins should be ordered directly from a vendor. For information on available sizes and prices, or for other questions and details, call R5 Operations at 254-1666 or email.

You can also contact the email above about waste removal or requesting a dumpster.

If you have a backyard or other small outdoor space, you can easily just chuck your food scraps in a pile. If you don’t have an outdoor space, try composting indoors with a worm bin and participate in the Food Scrap Recycling program (Tompkins County Residents), which has drop-off spots for your food waste. Literally anyone can compost.

You can recycle lots of things! Tompkins County uses single stream recycling, so there’s no more wasted time separating your recyclables. If you’re a resident in the county, you also have access to a curb-side pickup program. Use a county recycling bin or your own that weighs less than 50 pounds. Don’t know what’s recyclable and what’s not? Use this handy search tool, and it will tell you. Learn more about recycling at

Sustainability means creating a just and sustainable planet for all people, and this kind of language has been at the forefront of Cornell’s mission since the very beginning when the University opened its doors in 1865. Cornell founders, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, made the commitment to advance equitable futures for all by creating an institution in which, “Any person can find instruction in any study.” Visit our Legacy of Sustainability page to learn more.

We love working with students, and if we have any positions available, you can find them advertised in our most recent newsletter or more broadly on Cornell’s career opportunities website.

Our Sustainability Map can help you find anything you need to be your best sustainable self either on or off campus. EV charging stations, water bottle fill stations, green buildings, and more can be located on the map. For further details, there are links to external websites, photos, and directions.

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