Crunch into a Cornell Orchards apple and keep compostable napkins handy. Smothered in melted sharp cheddar cheese, loaded with grilled onions, topped with smoked aioli. How will you build your customized Impossible burger? What do these tantalizing first bites share in common? Sustainability. Cornell Dining works hard to offer sustainable eating options on campus.We eat local. 27% of produce purchases and 90% of dairy come from within 250 miles of campus. We buy smart. 45% of our food budget goes toward purchasing locally or sustainably sourced food.

Serving vegetables

What can you do?

  1. Watch your waste. Compost your leftover food scraps and napkins in yellow bins (and in any residence hall on North Campus). Confused about what to toss into compost and recycling bins? Use our helpful how-to signs posted above all receptacles. You can also print your own sign.

  2. Reuse! Bring your own coffee mug and enjoy discounted coffee prices. Reusable to-go containers are rolling out across campus, so you can snack on tasty leftovers, too.

  3. Seek smart sources. Try to understand how people and the planet are affected by the products and services we consume. Sip on Fair Trade Coffee, which is offered across campus. Buy fresh produce from the Farmer's Market at Cornell. Take Back the Tap with your reusable water bottle.  

  4. Learn more about Cornell Dining's Local Food Initiatives (pdf).