New Residential Composter program

Campus Sustainability Office February 22, 2021
Residential Composters Logo
The Residential Composters program allows individuals living on campus at Cornell University to compost personal food waste, napkins, and paper towels. | Graphic: Campus Sustainability Office, Cornell University

Looking to compost on campus? Want to manage your food-related waste better this semester? Interested in reducing your impact on climate change? Become a certified Residential Composter!

Cornell’s modified Residential Compost program launched in February 2021 and allows certified individuals to compost personal food waste on campus by enrolling.  Joining the program takes less than 20 minutes.

Enroll in the program

  • The Residential Composters program is open to everyone in on-campus housing.

  • Students, staff, and families living in on-campus housing can become Residential Composters today by completing a short course - the Residential Composters course - which will teach you about how to follow composting rules on campus and ensure our waste stream can be effectively maintained. 

    Residential Composters Course

  • After completing the brief quiz, you will become a certified Residential Composter! You will gain access at the end of the course to information about how to compost in five locations on North Campus, West Campus, and near Collegetown. You may compost at whichever location is most convenient.

  • Sticker
    The resource folder contains stickers, badges, posters and more!

    Want to learn more about how to be an effective composter on campus?  Check out this folder of materials with signage on campus and more. These resources can be accessed by any individual with a Cornell University email address. Some example materials include a program badge, recycling and waste signage for your area, and stickers.

    Residential Composter Resources Folder


Live off-campus? Check out Tompkins County’s compost drop spots for off-campus options. 

For help with this program, contact Cornell Compost or the Campus Sustainability Office .

This modified program was created as an alternative to the Cornell Residential Compost Program, which is currently on hold due to the pandemic.