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Social Media Campaign for Student Purchasing Behaviors


The course project is a client-oriented social media campaign. It required students to develop a social media products for the Campus Sustainability Office targeting student purchasing behaviors. Student teams performed cradle-to-grave assessments of common products used by Cornell students (backpack, water bottle, coat, lightbulbs, etc.) and determined more sustainable alternatives available through either sustainable providers or local-to-Ithaca (within 250) vendors. Then, the teams developed social marketing campaigns to be deployed by the Campus Sustainability Office the following semester targeted at influencing and educating the student population.

Social Marketing Campaign

Additional Project Potential

Because human behaviors and our use of social media are always changing, this project could be replicated in a few years time.  A different type of social media campaign focused on student behaviors could also be designed for implementation by the Campus Sustainability Office.

Institutional Outcomes




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