Building Energy Dashboard

Building Energy Dashboard 

Real-time and monthly electricity, heating, cooling, and carbon used by buildings across campus.

A free, open-source platform for exploring building energy use on campus.  Use this interactive tool to see how your building is performing, including live energy consumption and carbon footprint data, as well as links to campus sustainability initiatives and energy conservation tips.

You can compare your building's energy consumption to others, check standings in energy competitions, assess if your energy conservation initiative is making an impact, and make commitments to conserving.

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Additional data and tools for understanding campus energy:

EMCS Energy Portal

EMCS Portal

Energy Management & Control System (EMCS) provides access to downloadable real-time energy consumption data for campus buildings and electric generation from our solar photovoltaic systems, central energy plant, and weather data.  Compliments the Big Red Scoreboard with more technical details and downloadable reports. 

Energy Metrics for ECI Projects


Overall ECI Energy Metrics

An analysis outcomes from the Energy Conservation Initiative. These metrics document and measure ECI savings on a campus-wide basis and identify buildings where energy use is trending up.

Energy Smart Community Data


Energy Smart Community Meters

"Smart meters" were introduced to Tompkins County via changes to 15 grid circuits and 4 local substations, providing hundreds of local homes with sophisticated data on home energy usage.  Cornell faculty are using this resource in a long-term partnership with the state energy utility to study big data, privacy, and energy conservation.