Campus Sustainability Office

The Campus Sustainability Office is the central coordinating unit responsible for connecting and supporting sustainability and climate change leadership goals, collaborations, and support coordination for the campus sustainability governance bodies. 

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Phone: +1.607.254.8722
Business Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm M-F


Our office is located at 129 Humphreys Service Building, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853 (Map). Door 9 is the closest entry to the office in the building.  We strongly recommend calling or emailing before visiting as our team is frequently "out and about" making sustainability happen outside the office!

Meet Our Team

Looking for support on a specific program or project?  Check our Who should I contact? to find the right support.  To learn more about us, meet our internationally recognized team and find the right person for your inquiry or project by checking the details bios below.

Bert BlandRobert R. Bland

P.E., Associate Vice President, Energy & Sustainability Department

Bert leads the teams that operate the Ithaca campus district energy system and produce the Climate Action Plan for a carbon neutral campus by 2035.  He also manages energy and sustainability plans for the new Cornell Tech campus in Manhattan. He began his career as an environmental/energy engineer in the oil industry and then pursued research in the conversion of waste biomass to fuel ethanol. Bert is a Cornell grad; BS & MS Cornell engineering ’74 and ’80; Cornell MBA ’96. Fun fact: Bert owns an electric bike and is a competitive sprinter!

Sarah Zemanick headshotSarah C. Zemanick

Director, Campus Sustainability Office | 607.254.2818

Sarah is the Director of the Campus Sustainability Office with a vision for Cornell as a carbon neutral living laboratory for sustainability innovation. Sarah has spent her career in the field of environmental compliance and sustainability in higher education. Her educational background is environmental science and policy. As part of her current role, she leads Cornell’s renewable electricity supply projects, and is active in NY state energy policy related to renewable energy generation. Fun fact: Sarah's first job included driving a garbage truck to pick up recycling!

Contact Sarah about: Sustainability Governance | Renewable Energy Development | Cornell's Solar Farms

Kim AndersonKimberly Anderson 

Sustainability Engagement Manager | 607.255.6591

Kim works to engage, educate, and empower all members of the campus community to individually and collectively participate in climate change and sustainable behavior change. Kim supports the Green Teams, Sustainability Leaders, and the Cornell Big Red Energy Scoreboard.  She implements major engagement campaigns for Think Big, Live Green. Fun fact: Kim has lived in / managed 18 residential communities at Cornell!

Contact Kim about: Student ProgramsThink Big, Live Green | Recyclemania | Energy Smackdown | Green / Sustainability Teams

Careen ArsenaultCareen M. Arsenault

Sustainability Administrator | 607.254.8722

Careen supports the Associate Vice President, budget, HR, event support, and other administrative functions of the Energy & Sustainability department, of which the Campus Sustainability is a part of. Careen leads reporting on sustainability including STARS, Princeton Review, and Sierra Club, and assists with management of the Green Office & Green Lab program. Fun fact: Careen used to be a volunteer EMT for her local community!

Contact Careen about: STARS | Green Office & Lab | Sustainability Reporting | Event Logistics

Photo of Sarah Brylinsky, CSO StaffSarah Brylinsky 

Sustainability Communications & Integration Manager | 607.255.8120

Sarah Brylinsky is responsible for leading strategic partnerships and deep systems change across the University as well as high level internal and external communications on campus sustainability.  Sarah B. leads Cornell's efforts in strategic planning and systems change, and the implementation of the living laboratory for sustainability. Connect with her for support with living laboratory projects and ideas, business or systems level sustainability projects, public speaking, or communications needs.  Fun fact: Sarah has completed a solo trek of Mt. Everest!

Contact Sarah B. about: Living Laboratory | Sustainability Plan | Climate Action Plan | News & Press Releases | Sustainability Framework

Lisa KilgoreLisa Kilgore

Communications Project Assistant | 607.255.6375

Lisa is the webmaster and newsletter coordinator and supports other strategic tasks that support the sustainability mission. Lisa provides core support for communication outreach including listserv management, social media, and more. Fun fact: Lisa’s favorite movie is Ishtar!

Contact Lisa about: Social Media | Listserv & Newsletter | Website Updates

Megan FeelyMegan Feely

STARS Coordinator

As the STARS Coordinator, Megan collects sustainability data for Cornell University's annual STARS report. Fun fact: Megan is Wilderness First Aid certified!

Contact Megan about: STARS | Campus Partners | Data

Campus Sustainability office strategy map

Campus Sustainability Office Strategy Map
Download our mission, vision, values, and see how we define our work


Our Mission

The mission of the Campus Sustainability Office is to equip, empower, and engage our diverse campus partners in creating a more sustainable Cornell. 

Our focus on collaboration and empowerment enables a small team of staff to support 1,000s of projects each year. Our scope of work includes coordination of projects large and small, including overseeing the Climate Action Plan, Campus Sustainability Plan, and Cornell's sustainability governance committees and implementation of the Cornell living laboratory for sustainability.

Our Values

As an office within Facilities & Campus Planning, the CSO is a part of a values-based organizational framework which strives to uphold and embody the following core values:

  • Truth: We say what we mean and do what we say
  • Respect: We treat people as we want to be treated
  • Excellence: We strive to be the best
  • Teamwork: Together we achieve more
  • Integrity: We do the right thing

In addition, the Campus Sustainability Office has adopted three more values that guide our work:

  • Service
  • Joy
  • Generosity

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are a values-based team committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, embracing diversity, and treating each other with respect.  Our organizational values represent our expectations of how we work together to serve the University community and create a climate in which all staff can thrive and grow. As members of the Facilities & Campus Services Team, we are committed to the following statement of responsibility:

  • Each member of FCS is responsible for fostering an atmosphere characterized by dignity, respect, appreciation of diversity, and positive regard for all members of our community. 
  • Each member of FCS is accountable for their own behaviors and actions. 

Committees We Serve On

Partnership and collaboration are central to our work.  Rather than seeing service and committee representation as an obligation, the Campus Sustainability Office sees partnership through committee work as central to our ethos of community engagement and shared knowledge building. Here are some of the committees we work for and serve on in our community:

On Campus