Energy Metrics

Energy Metrics

The cheapest and cleanest energy is that which is not used. Our goal is to cost effectively minimize Cornell's energy use and associated environmental impacts. Using energy efficiently, conserving energy and materials will reduce Cornell's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and is the focus of Energy Management. 

Cornell’s Energy Conservation Initiative (ECI) studies and identifies high-impact energy-saving projects across the Ithaca campus, as well as in off-campus contract colleges and real estate holdings for the University. ECI is managed by a dedicated team in the Energy Management Department who identify and implement three types of upgrades: building automation & controls, heat recovery, and lighting systems.   

A complete Energy Management Overview is available on line and includes details on everything from energy metering to energy conservation initiatives. 

There is also library of Energy Fast Facts containing the energy production, consumption, and emissions associated with the central energy plants from 1998 to the current year. 

Cornell uses the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) to track and calculate project-level energy, financial, and carbon savings data for all ECI projects and efficiency improvements. Check out Cornell's GRITS public dashboard

Additionally, the Energy and Sustainability energy management team annually produces two sets of Campus Energy Metrics: