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News on campus sustainability initiatives, emerging programs, rankings, awards, student initiatives, green teams, and more from across the Cornell University campus.

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airplane on tarmac

Participate in a 5-minute survey about your business air travel and enter to win a $75 Amazon gift card! Travel and sustainability are key components of Cornell's vision.

Employees laughing together at awards ceremony

Honoring the importance of sustainability stewardship, culture, and contributions by employees, the "Culture of Sustainability Award" was added in 2022 to the nominations for President's Awards for Employee Excellence.  T.  


Join the Sustainable Cornell Council, Campus Sustainability Office, and Cornell Dining for a networking event to discuss campus sustainability. All Cornell community members welcome!. Deadline to register April 20th. 


Join us for the annual Student Sustainability Awards at Cornell University May 11th. Submit your nominations by Sunday, April 30th.

Daphne Frias

Join us for conversations with youth climate activist Daphne Frias. You are welcome to join as many sessions as you would like throughout the day.

Students celebrating on Ho Plaza

Cornell University celebrates  Annual Sustainability Month.

Solar panels on Day Hall

Three more North Campus residential buildings turned on their rooftop solar panels over winter break and now help the campus generate more electricity using renewables.


Save money, fuel, time, and yield multiple environmental benefits with these tips from Cornell's turf and grounds experts.

Students tabling

Mission Sustainability is an educational and survey requirement for all Cornell students launched in 2020.