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Students unplugging  an appliance

Before you leave campus for a much-deserved winter break, please join your colleagues in “powering down” your offices, labs, and common areas –your hard-working electronics need a vacation too!

 Robin Wall Kimmerer

On November 1st, Robin, a mother, scientist, writer, decorated professor, and Citizen Potawatomi Nation member, will have a day full of events, including a discussion about her book "Braiding Sweetgrass," exploring the profound connection between humans and Mother Earth.

Aerial view Cornell includes Wilson Lab and Cayuga Lake

Lake Source Cooling (LSC) will annually save the university 4 million gallons of water usage and $50,000 in electricity costs...

Meet Our Solar Mowers. Sheep provide the mowing at all Cornell solar farms - eliminating fossil fuels and benefitting pollinators and local farmers. This model has expanded across NY State.

Solar project plans hold the potential for Cornell to complete it's 100% renewable electricity goal


Cornell is the only institution of higher education in the world to receive the highest possible sustainability rating—STARS Platinum—for four consecutive years

Students in ALS 2000, Leadership for Sustainability.

Whatever your passion or major, Cornell offers a sustainability course and degree program for you.


Join Cornell's annual sustainability scavenger hunt and complete sustainability missions across campus to earn points & win prizes.

Employees laughing together at awards ceremony

Honoring the importance of sustainability stewardship, culture, and contributions by employees, the "Culture of Sustainability Award" was added in 2022 to the nominations for President's Awards for Employee Excellence.


Learn what to buy, when to buy it, and where.


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