Live, lead, and learn.  Students are driving sustainability change through innovation, campus engagement, and learning experiences. How will you be a leader for sustainability?

At Cornell University, student sustainability is a top priority. This means approaching every facet of student life including health and wellbeing, academics, dining, housing, clubs and engagement, and everything in between with sustainability in mind. When Cornell students thrive in clean, healthy, and sustainable surroundings, great things happen innovation, community engagement, groundbreaking research, strong partnerships, and more. Our sustainable campus starts with you.

Take action:
Touchdown the bear pointing.

Check out the Quick Start Guide created for first year and freshman students but applicable to all!

Cover photo of the Cornell Guide to Living Sustainably

Student Green Guide

A students guide to campus sustainability at Cornell, from biking to bottled water and more. Start here to begin your journey.

Students tabling on ho plaza stand behind a sign for the club "ECO"

Student Clubs

Cornell University has over 40 student sustainability related clubs for graduate and undergraduates.

Four students smile for the camera wearing green t-shirts while at a sustainability event

Peer to Peer Education

Join one of our programs led by students, for students, and create a sustainable culture around energy and waste.

Students hold a banner for Recyclemania while at a basketball game

Key Events

Mark your calendar for EnergySmackdown, Recyclemania, Springfest, EcoFest, the fashion show, and more!

Students receiving a CUPSA award

Jobs & Opportunities

Dozens of positions are available each semester to advance your leadership skills and resume.

Student sewing for a course project

Degrees & Classes

With over 700 courses in every department and major to choose from, you can find your passion and get credit at the same time.

Two students wearing jackets walk a bike through campus greenery in the Fall

Find Balance

Sustainability begins with you - including your own health and wellbeing.  Try these tips to stay centered.

Student studying in a tree

Student Funding

Find resources to kick-start your club, project, coursework, or community-based learning projects.  Cornell has many resources to support you.

Two interlocking circles with text: our plans, Cornell University climate and sustainability plans

Sustainability Data & Progress

How is Cornell performing on waste, water, food, and more?  Check out the public data and annual reports to understand our goals and progress.

Funding Resources

The Cornell Environmental Collaborative or ECO is the umbrella organization for campus sustainability clubs and is a main source of funding for related programs and projects. ECO uses funds to co-sponsor the sustainability-related activities and events of other organizations that benefit the Cornell community.  Other resources to consider: