College of Veterinary Medicine Center Expansion

College of Veterinary Medicine Center Expansion 

LEED Certified Gold

Vet School Expansion Atrium

The College of Veterinary Medicine Center Expansion earned LEED® Gold. By directly replacing the old building in the same footprint and reinvigorating existing spaces, the College gets a new efficient and beautiful space, without the negative impacts of new development. The goal of the project was to "provide occupants with an inspiring, healthy, and harmonious space".

Total Score: 63 out of 110 possible points.

LEED Certification Report: College of Veterinary Medicine Center Expansion

How is Green Measured?

Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy / Atmosphere
Materials / Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Innovation & Design
Regional Priority
Possible Points
26 10 35 14 15 6 4
Earned Points
13 6 22 5 10 6 1

Project Highlights

The site incorporates important parts of the living world to allow occupants to enjoy green space outside, in the rain gardens and seating areas.

A student studies in the newly renovated Vet School library
A student studies in the newly renovated Vet School library

The project involved careful study of daylight, to optimize sunlight use and decrease reliance on lighting and heating/cooling.

The footprint of the building was minimized through energy efficient features and eco-friendly furnishings with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (researched and recommended by Human Ecology students).

Project designers strove to incorporate recycled content and regionally manufactured materials in the building and furnishings.

The majority of selected wood products in the building are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as being sustainably managed and harvested.Waste Diversion – During construction project diverted more than 95% of demolition and construction waste from landfill.

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