Center for Community Transportation launches new Ithaca Bikeshare

Campus Sustainability Office November 30, 2022

The Center For Community Transportation (CCT) in Ithaca launched the new Ithaca Bikeshare service in November. This program makes electric bikes available for use all around Ithaca. The bikes are class one pedal-assist electric bikes, meaning they have a motor and only assist the user when they are pedaling. The bikes can reach a speed of 20 mph.

Jeff Goodmark, director of micromobility at the CCT, said the program is similar to the bike-share programs in bigger cities. Users will need to make an account on an app prior to using the dockless bikes which can be found anywhere in the service area. Unlocking the bike will cost $1 and the user will be charged for every minute ridden. The user can end the trip by automatically relocking the bike between sidewalks and curbs and next to bike racks.

The new bikeshare bikes are allowed on the Cornell campus; treat them like regular bikes. The bikes need to be parked at/near bike racks and should not be ridden on sidewalks. Reference Cornell's Cycling on Campus page for more information.

CCT's mission-focused services and activities include Ithaca Carshare, Bike Walk Tompkins (and its signature program Streets Alive! Ithaca), Backup Ride Home, and the newly launched Ithaca Bikeshare, emphasizing social equity and environmental sustainability in this era of new transportation options and emerging mobility trends.