Focus on Climate Solutions Meaningful to You

Kimberly Anderson, Campus Sustainability Office April 5, 2024
students walking on campus

In this pivotal time, it’s not surprising 99% of incoming Cornell students express concern about the natural environment. Channeling this concern into action is key and can reduce feelings of climate anxiety and helplessness. New data shows humanity has made significant progress, and given how quickly change is happening, it’s time we shift our thinking towards becoming the first sustainable generation.  

How do we create a safe and socially just place for humanity to thrive without compromising planetary health? As a Health Promoting Campus, Cornell is seeking sustainable solutions and systems-level approaches to better care for our ourselves, our community, and the environment. Everyone is encouraged to use Cornell’s quadruple bottom line to make everyday decisions while considering impacts on people, planet, prosperity, and purpose. 

So how can you help? Focus on climate solutions most meaningful to you. Create your own Climate Action Venn Diagram by answering three questions: What brings you joy? What are you good at? What work needs to be done?  

You’re also invited to participate in Cornell’s annual Sustainability Month in April. Attend events on Earth Day (4/22) and join our Sustainability Mix & Mingle (4/19) to share experiences and discuss solutions.

This spring, boost your wellbeing with a 15-minute dose of nature each day and enjoy a wide-range of benefits, including increased happiness & concentration, decreased anxiety and fatigue, and reduced high blood pressure.

Strengthen your relationship with nature and nurture your stewardship behaviors, in kinship with others. Healing the land is healing ourselves