Sustainability & Climate Change Committees

Shared, participatory leadership is central to Cornell's sustainability vision and work.  Our committees have representation by students, staff, faculty, and administrators, and Cornell's legacy of shared governance has played a role in fostering resolutions in support of sustainability.

Sustainable Cornell Council

The Sustainable Cornell Council(SCC) is responsible for directing and coordinating Cornell’s role as a leader in addressing climate change and sustainability, advancing campus sustainability, and fostering engagement in sustainability from the campus community. The Council oversees implementation of the campus Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan and progress reporting on our goals. 

Assembly Resolutions on Sustainability

Cornell has a unique system of shared Governance called the Assemblies. Chartered by the President with delegated authority from the Board of Trustees, the Assemblies serve as advisory bodies to the administration, representing matters of concern and constituent interests to University leadership. The Assemblies pass resolutions on topics of importance to the Cornell community. Browse a list of sustainability and climate-change-related resolutions, or learn more about how Assemblies work

The SCC launched in Fall 2019, as the newest iteration of in a legacy of sustainability councils and coordinating bodies. The SCC replaces the President's Sustainable Campus Committee and Senior Leaders Climate Action Group.  Learn about previous committees in History.