Committees Overseeing Sustainability & Climate

Shared, participatory governance is central to Cornell's sustainability leadership and work.  All sustainability governance structures have representation by undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

As of Fall 2018, Cornell is working to revise and consolidate its sustainability governance structure. There are not current meetings of the governance committees listed here.

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Cornell's History of Shared Governance
The Assemblies are built on a history of shared governance at Cornell, a concept central to our history, mission, and values.
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Assembly Resolutions on Sustainability

Cornell has a unique system of shared Governance called the Assemblies. Chartered by the President with delegated authority from the Board of Trustees, the Assemblies serve as advisory bodies to the administration, representing matters of concern and constituent interests to University leadership. 

Assembly Resolutions on Sustainability

The assemblies formally advise the administration and recommend changes to policies through legislative processes articulated in their respective charters.

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Collaboration & Coordination
The PSCC hosts an annual coordinating Sustainability Summit for all governance members.

President's Sustainable Campus Committee 

The President's Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC) is the main governance body overseeing campus sustainability in buildings & energy, food, land & water, materials management, living laboratory, human wellbeing, transportation, and climate mitigation, adaptation, and literacy. The PSCC works to promote a culture of sustainability on campus through collaborations among staff, students, faculty, and regional partners and advocates for policies and programs that enhance Cornell’s commitment to be a living laboratory for the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability.

The PSCC consists of approximately 150 members: all members of the Executive Committee, and various focus team leaders and members. The President of Cornell appoints the staff and faculty co-chairs of the PSCC. Student co-chairs are chosen by the faculty and staff on each respective focus team.

Senior Leadership Climate Action Group 

The Senior Leaders Climate Action Group focuses on implementing priority actions in the Climate Action Plan, which include the top actions identified as needing senior level leadership, support, and oversight. With a goal of ameliorating current climate trends by spurring innovative cross-disciplinary solutions, the group has a charge to: 

  • Serve as the ongoing university leadership group for setting broad climate action direction and prioritizing initiatives that offer the greatest promise of emissions-reducing breakthroughs

  • Organize consortia of stakeholders including federal and state government, private industry, utilities, and foundations to collaborate on high-priority initiatives

  • Communicate to policy makers and the general public knowledge gained through research and demonstration projects

  • Develop a campus-wide engagement plan integrating climate action strategies into the campus culture and strategic plans

  • Champion the campus Climate Action Plan which will be reviewed annually and updated every 5 years