Sustainable Cornell Council

Committee Charges & Priorities

The Steering Committees of the Sustainable Cornell Council are charged with identifying, prioritizing, and advancing sustainability goals specific to their topic area, and task working groups to advance priorities each year.  Find out more about current priorities & work here.

The SCC launched in Fall 2019.  This page will be updated as priorities and working groups are identified.
General Committee Charges:  Sustainable Cornell Council Guidance Document

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Carbon Neutral Campus Committee

Advance campus carbon neutrality through implementation of the Climate Action Plan.

Working Priorities

Chaired by: Lance Collins, the Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering and Bert Bland, associate vice president for energy and sustainability
In addition to the shared responsibilities of each working group as outlined in the guidance document, the CNC Committee is responsible for: 

  • Advancing the Climate Action Plan

  • Tracking progress towards neutrality & interim targets via the greenhouse gas inventory

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Campus Operations Committee

Advance initiatives for a model sustainable campus that support climate resilience and human and planetary health

Working Priorities

Chaired by: Rick Burgess, vice president for facilities and campus services and Pat Wynn, assistant vice president for student and campus life
In addition to shared responsibilities as outlined in the guidance document, this Committee is responsible for: 

  • Advancing campus sustainability plan goals in the areas of buildings & energy, food, land & water, materials management, human wellbeing, and transportation

  • Integrating sustainability and resiliency as guiding principles in the stewardship of campus facilities and resources

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Education & Engagement Committee

Cultivate literacy and a culture of sustainability responsibility that catalyzes participation across the campus community.

Working Priorities

Chaired by: Katherine McComas, vice provost for engagement and land-grant affairs and Lisa Nishii, vice provost for undergraduate education
In addition to shared responsibilities as outlined in the guidance document, this Committee is responsible for: 

  • Advance campus sustainability plan goals to integrate sustainability and climate change awareness and behaviors into the campus culture

  • Assist on-campus initiatives with the promotion and placement of students into prioritized co-curricular and extra-curricular living lab opportunities