Energy Conservation Initiative

The cheapest and cleanest energy is that which is not used. Using energy efficiently, conserving energy and materials will reduce Cornell's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and is the focus of Energy Management.

Through retrofits, replacements and weatherization projects across campus, the Energy Conservation Initiative (ECI) reduces campus-wide energy consumption and facilitates energy reduction efforts. ECI projects are designed to optimize the energy efficiency of building automation and control systems, heat recovery systems, and lighting systems. ECI has kept campus energy use flat since 2000, despite a 20% growth in campus building square footage.

Building Energy Conservation Projects

Cornell Energy Management has completed studies, construction, and commissioning of energy conservation measures in multiple buildings in the Endowed and Contract Colleges for Ithaca and Geneva, off campus Contract Colleges, and Real Estate space categories.

Dramatic and lasting conservation results are achieved by continuously optimizing our building automation and control systems, heat recovery systems, and lighting systems.  Conservation focused preventive maintenance on these systems reduces usage and maintains performance.  Conservation studies and capital improvement projects add the latest features that can be cost effectively retrofitted to existing systems.  New construction and renovation on campus are guided by mandated features, energy usage intensity goals, and life cycle cost benefit analysis.

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