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Finger Lakes Rideshare

Cornell Rideshare Incentive Program

Emergency Ride Home

Rideshare is a Cornell-facilitated program for employees to regularly share rides to and from work, or for other purposes. Carsharing is using a single vehicle for many riders. Cornell University has partnered with Ithaca CarShare to provide discounted memberships to our local carshare program.

What are the benefits?

Save Money, Save Time, Save Carbon

Ridesharing and carsharing are two great ways to reduce the number of cars on the road while saving money. Cornell University encourages staff, faculty, and students to use these methods for commuting and business travel, and signing up for the Rideshare program on campus comes with a 30 day risk free trial. Cornell also provides support services to give you flexibility when you rideshare. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Cut your carbon footprint in half 
    Contribute to reducing your personal carbon footprint, and the carbon footprint of Cornell.  1/3 of our current carbon emissions come from business travel and commuting to and from the campus for work or school. If the average driver could reduce their vehicle miles by just 25 miles per week, they could save 1,500 lbs of CO2 a year. Calculate your own environmental impact reduction.
  • Save on Cornell campus permit fees
    Ride free on TCAT buses when traveling among Cornell’s Ithaca facilities via the OmniRide Program
  • Save $1,000/year on reduced car maintenance and travel fees
    Besides sharing parking permit costs, there are numerous benefits to sharing rides and vehicles. Save money, save time, and reduce carbon emissions.  One third of Cornell’s carbon emissions come from business commuting and travel.
  • Discounts on auto insurance

Ridesharing Tools 

Find a Rideshare Buddy

Finger Lakes Rideshare logo

Finger Lakes Rideshare

is an online network board available to anyone in the Finger Lakes for commuting or occasional ridesharing.  The portal has a specific area for Cornell University employees to connect with each other for ridesharing.

  • Benefits of ridesharing

  • Cornell RideShare Program for Employees
  • Finger Lakes Rideshare 

Rideshare is a Cornell Transportation Services program to incentivize reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles traveling to campus.

Eligible employees can share their commute and receive free or discounted parking permits.  Share your ride to campus with another person at least three days a week, and you could be eligible for several perks!


The Rideshare program helps over 1,500 eligible employees save on parking permit costs, and many qualify for free parking. Members turn in their individual parking permits and receive one permit for which all of their vehicles are listed. The Rideshare parking permit can include up to six vehicles and may be used in any group member’s car. All members of the Rideshare must be regular Cornell employees receiving university benefits and work in locations where permits are required.

First, consider the costs associated with commuting to work by yourself. You can estimate your costs at commute solution's website, or using one of the many available commute calculators on the web.

Next, consider the benefits of sharing the ride to work with a neighbor, co-worker, or family member. One of the most obvious benefits of sharing the ride to the Cornell campus is the opportunity to share the cost of a parking permit. Other RideShare benefits include:

Carsharing Resources

Carsharing is a great way to enhance community access to transportation and mobility while reducing negative environmental and economic impacts. Carsharing is a great solution for reducing wear and tear on your vehicle, or for individuals who don’t own vehicles but occasionally need a car to get around. By increasing carsharing, we eliminate the need for individuals to own multiple or even single vehicles, thereby making the cost lower for all and reducing emissions. What if we all used vehicles shared between neighbors, employees, or communities? 

Carshare Programs

  • Employee Ithaca Carshare Membership
    Employees are eligible for Ithaca Carshare discounts.
  • Student Ithaca Carshare Membership
    Cornell students are eligible for discounted Ithaca Carshare memberships

Ithaca Carshare Locations on Campus

Available to faculty, staff, and students with a membership Four locations on the Cornell campus make it easy to pick up a carshare vehicle with Ithaca Carshare. Four additional carshare locations in Collegetown and neighborhoods around the Cornell campus make it even easier to find a vehicle.  Find all of the vehicles on the Ithaca Carshare map, or our Campus Sustainability Map.

Cornell Employees: On-Campus Cars

Humphreys Service Building Employees Only Transportation Services currently operates a carshare at the Humphreys Service Building (HSB) for employees requiring transportation for Cornell business. The HSB fleet consists of two all-electric vehicles and three hybrid vehicles. The average travel distance for these vehicles is six miles, so all four vehicles are typically operated as completely electric vehicles.