Sustainability Tours

Sustainability Tours 

Classes and teams are invited to visit sites where innovation is at work. See first-hand how Cornell's facilities are demonstration sites for sustainability every day.

Tour Locations

Solar panels

Solar Farms

Solar Farm Request Form | 607-255-6375

Cornell has six solar farms (and nine campus solar arrays), many of which have research and teaching facilities specifically for our faculty and students. Our solar farms have open data systems for living laboratory projects and friendly sheep who help mow the grass.

Lake Source Cooling facility

Lake Source Cooling

Dede Deeley | 607-255-9513 

Lake Source Cooling (LSC) is a central chilled water system that conserves energy and utilizes the renewable resource of the deep cold waters in Cayuga Lake. LSC is one of the largest environmental projects ever undertaken by a university.

Central Energy Plant

Combined Heat and Power Plant

Dede Deeley | 607-255-9513 

Standard power plants use just 40% of the fuel they burn to produce electricity. Cornell employs combined heat and power, or the simultaneous production of electricity and the utilization of “waste” heat for campus heating requirements, to optimize the efficiency of the Central Energy Plant.

Hydroelectric Plant

Hydroelectric Plant

Frank D. Perry | 607-255-6634

When the hydroelectric plant located on Fall Creek was established, it provided enough energy to power all of the City of Ithaca, including Cornell’s campus. Still producing clean, renewable energy today, the hydroelectric plant is located centrally for an easy visit by campus community members.

Note: Tours are offered for groups only, no individual requests. Many facilities also offer access to data or systems for students and faculty to explore in addition to an in-person tour.  Advance notice of 2-6 weeks is requested.