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Biotech Building

Campus engineers confirm that the Biotechnology Building, after multiple efficiency upgrades since 2004, including retrofitting four rooftop exhaust stacks for heat recovery, now saves nearly $670,000 annually in energy costs compared to 2004.

Students unplugging  an appliance

Unplug and power down your space before winter break

Aerial view Cornell includes Wilson Lab and Cayuga Lake

Lake Source Cooling (LSC) will annually save the university 4 million gallons of water usage and $50,000 in electricity costs...

Meet Our Solar Mowers. Sheep provide the mowing at all Cornell solar farms - eliminating fossil fuels and benefitting pollinators and local farmers. This model has expanded across NY State.

Solar project plans hold the potential for Cornell to complete it's 100% renewable electricity goal


Whether spring has sprung or the hot weather is already here, the fair weather is a great time to get your home in top shape to save you money.

Cornell Child Care Center

New heating and cooling structure will be the Ithaca campus’s first full-scale ground-source heat pump installation

Solar panels on Day Hall

Three more North Campus residential buildings turned on their rooftop solar panels over winter break and now help the campus generate more electricity using renewables.

Solar panels on Cornell's North Campus residence halls

Solar now supplies 35% of the new North Campus residence hall complex's annual electricity needs.