Book a compost crew for your next campus event

Campus Sustainability Office April 20, 2022
Student sitting on truck holding a compost bucket
Students and staff organizing events can now hire a student-volunteer "compost crew" to help attendees dispose of food waste properly. | Photo: Cornell University

Adding compost to a campus event can be complicated, requiring the addition of special food sorting receptacles and education for event attendees about what and how to properly dispose of food waste.

Now, campus organizers can hire a group of student volunteers from the Cornell Compost Club as a "compost crew" to manage food waste at events of any size.  

Fill out a short form to reserve a crew for your event. The crew, from Cornell Compost Club, will collect food scraps, redistribute uneaten food, and engage with attendees about compost. 

Book a Compost Crew

Composting at events is one credit in the newly launched Sustainable Events Certification  program.  Student-led composting diverts over 1,000 lbs each semester from the landfill and is a critical keystone to our campus waste reduction initaitives at Cornell.