Finger Lakes Rideshare Provides Carpooling Services for Cornellians

Campus Sustainability Office January 1, 2019

Finger Lakes Rideshare - formerly Zimride - provides carpooling and rideshare connection for those working in the Finger Lakes region, including special connection services for individuals who work at Cornell and other local campuses. 

Ready to try carpooling or ridesharing?  There are many benefits to using the platform occasionally or for your regular commute.

By sharing your car with just one other person, individuals can save up over $1,500 a year. Finger Lakes Rideshare also keeps track of how many pounds of CO2 emissions riders reduce by using the service and keeping single occupancy trips off the road.   

When posting a ride, expand the visibility to more potential matches by checking the box, “Include Trusted Partners.” Cornell’s Trusted Partner Network includes Finger Lakes Rideshare and Finger Lakes Rideshare Academic, which expands to users from BOCES, TC3, and Wells College.

Finger Lakes Rideshare’s website is mobile friendly, so you can offer or request a ride from anywhere.  Users can also track commuting patterns using a Commute Calendar.   Get started by registering for an account.


For more resources on sustainable commuting, visit our Transportation page.