Staff Sustainability Champion: Marianne Arcangeli

December 10, 2017

The Staff Sustainability Champions program spotlight recognizes staff across Cornell University who exemplify the Institution's commitment to sustainability and have shown leadership and initiative to catalyze change for a more sustainable campus and planet with their actions - big and small. Together, each of us are working to make Cornell a more environmentally friendly, socially just, and innovative campus. Staff at every level play a role Cornell's transformation to a sustainable campus. 

About Marianne Arcangeli

Marianne Arcangeli, Administrative Assistant & Student Services Representative, College of Human Ecology


Marianne coordinated the Winter Blues and Greens cooking demonstrations for the College of Human Ecology's Green Ambassadors this year. The series of five demonstrations and tastings were offered to faculty, staff, and students of the College of Human Ecology. The demonstrations and tastings, held in the Department of Nutritional Science's cooking lab, focused on sustainable cooking practices and healthy eating. Participants learned healthy and sustainable cooking techniques and recipes. Marianne was responsible for finding the presenters, advertising the series, purchasing the food if requested, and supplying the attendees with the recipes, if requested.

Marianne also organized CHE's presentation on local CSAs that deliver to CHE. Despite a very busy job, which has included covering for a co-worker who has been out with illness, Marianne has been a cheerful and active part of CHE's Green Ambassadors.

Marianne’s deep commitment to sustainability issues is inspired by her love for her granddaughters, and by a deep and abiding respect for a past Human Ecology SUPER Green team member, Angela Stedwell. Check out her Twitter where she covers sustainability content: 

Thank you Marianne for all you do!

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