Staff Sustainability Champion: Sue Brightly

Campus Sustainability Office April 9, 2019

The Staff Sustainability Champions program spotlight recognizes staff across Cornell University who exemplify the Institution's commitment to sustainability and have shown leadership and initiative to catalyze change for a more sustainable campus and planet with their actions - big and small. Together, each of us are working to make Cornell a more environmentally friendly, socially just, and innovative campus. Staff at every level play a role Cornell's transformation to a sustainable campus. 

About the April 2019 Champion
Sue Brightly, Communications Marketing Specialist, Division of Human Resources

Sue Brightly is part of the Cornell Office of Human Resources team who champions sustainability.

Sue shared with us that she’s making a determined effort to avoid single-use (disposable) utensils.  She was inspired by her supervisor, Dianna Marsh, who uses a set of bamboo utensils at work. Sue began crocheting fun “utensil cozies”  for her upcycled garage-sale cutlery, wrapped in a reusable cotton napkin. She’s made several as gifts and is making more to keep in the car, desk, and to share. Sue also uses refillable mugs at work, and is finding other ways to cut back on plastic, like using shampoo bars and bringing reusable containers for leftovers when dining out. Sue says, “these may just be little things, but if lots of people get in the habit of acting with sustainability in mind, and even having some fun with it, we can make a difference!”

Crocheted " utensil cozy" with spoon, knife and fork.
Utensil cozy

Sue's Supervisor Ashley Fazio writes:

"...Sue wholeheartedly embraces the concepts of sustainability and has deep care and compassion for the environment and people around her.  [S]he is proactive in the sharing of campus sustainability resources and information – not simply because it’s part of her job, but because they are truly meaningful to her. I would not be surprised at all to hear that she was integrating [the Campus Sustainability Office] sustainability recipes into every aspect of her life. She in active in creating a welcoming and compassionate workplace for our team members, and also supports colleagues in their emotional and overall wellbeing through her willingness to step up and help out whenever she’s needed. She taught herself how to crochet! And that spooncozy is just one of her amazing creations. She’s even offered to make them for teammates..."

Thank you Sue for all you do!

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