Sustainability Scavenger Hunt begins September 1st

Campus Sustainability Office August 24, 2023


What is the "Sustainability GooseChase?"

Join the chase! The second campus-wide sustainability scavenger hunt is coming back to Cornell University for the first half of the fall semester, August 26th to September 30th. 

To participate, download the GooseChase app and complete small sustainability-related challenges on campus and at home during the first half of the Fall semester. 

The scavenger hunt aims to nudge sustainable behavior change and highlight the many amazing resources that exist to progress sustainability on campus. Missions will be added daily for the first couple weeks and bi-weekly thereafter.


Event Details

Cornell Sustainability Scavenger Hunt

Missions begin: Wednesday, August 26, 2020 8am EST
Final date to participate: Saturday, September 30, 2020 Noon EST
How to participate: See instructions below
Open to: Open to all Cornell community members | Mobile app download required

The Sustainability GooseChase competition gathers key actions students, faculty, and staff can take to progress a more widespread and impactful culture of sustainability at Cornell. Participate in missions to advance your ranking! Missions include completing activities, attending events happening during orientation, or taking small actions that make a big difference in creating a sustainable culture. 

How to participate:

Anyone can participate. The GooseChase can be especially useful for incoming students, giving them a comprehensive look at the sustainability resources & culture at Cornell, but is a great way for anyone on campus to get involved!

  1. Download GooseChase for free on any mobile device
  2. Register with a username & password of your choice
  3. Use code YL8643 to join the Cornell mission –or search for “Sustainability GooseChase”
  4. Complete missions throughout the competition period, 8/26-9/30. New missions will be added daily during the first two weeks, then bi-weekly thereafter.  You will need to use the app regularly to complete new missions. 
  5. Stay up to date during the competition by following Sustainable Cornell on social media.

Collect the most points to win bragging rights. 

Goals of the scavenger hunt: 

  • foster and normalize sustainable behavior change through gamification
  • give students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to meet and connect with each other
  • amplify learning and engagement by enabling participants to share knowledge and experiences with each other
  • encourage participants to track one-time and repetitive behaviors they are taking to live more sustainably
  • provide increased visibility for campus resources and highlight connections to sustainability
  • scaffold missions to help participants achieve deeper levels of knowledge and skills relating to sustainability

Missions will include topics such as:

  • Get Connected
  • Health is Wealth
  • Earth-Friendly Food
  • Sustainable Living
  • Trendy Transit
  • Trash Talk
  • Choose to Reuse
  • Shift to Thrift
  • Save Your Energy
  • Pop Quiz
  • Sustainable Campus
  • Your Thoughts
  • Get Involved

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