Green Room Certification

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How sustainable is your residence and lifestyle?  Use the Sustainable Living Certification to find out and identify ways to improve. 

Sustainable Living Certification

Cornell's Sustainable Living Certification program recognizes students, living on- and off-campus, who are striving to live more sustainably. Students can achieve four levels of certification based on the number and frequency of actions taken: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Sustainable Living Certification

Platinum: 16-20 points
Gold: 12-15
Silver: 8-11
Bronze: 4-7

You will be asked to attest to the accuracy of your submission, along with providing visual proof (described in more detail below). Once you successfully complete the application, you will receive an email from us that includes your sustainable certification level in the form of an electronic certificate that can be added onto your LinkedIn, as well as some tips to live more sustainably.

Once you receive your Sustainable Living Certification, you may consider what additional actions you would take to reach the next level. You are welcome and encouraged to fill out the application again in the future to earn a higher-level certificate. We will take any form submitted before Sunday, April 30th.

The application is split into 2 parts with detailed instructions on how each part should be answered and scored. To maximize the points earned, we suggest you look through all the questions ahead of time and aim to fill them out as you perform the given task.

Have fun filling out the Google application form!

Thanks in advance for your efforts to make our campus more sustainable.
- Residential Sustainability Leaders,
- Cornell's Campus Sustainability Office,
- Housing and Residential Life,