Shutdown for Breaks

Powering Down for Breaks

Before leaving campus for winter break, spring break, and other holidays throughout the year, follow these simple tips to save energy in your office, common areas, labs, residential rooms and spaces.

We need your help shutting down individual and common spaces before leaving campus to help reduce unnecessary electricity and heating waste across our labs, residential communities, and academic & administrative buildings.

Shutdown Checklist

  • Completely close fume hood sashes in labs.
    Labs use 50% of energy on campus!! Ensuring fume hoods are closed is one of the single biggest actions an individual or team can take to reduce energy waste on campus.

  • Turn off power strips and unplug any electronics plugged directly into the wall.  
    Many devices use electricity even when turned off. This "vampire load' contributes to a huge energy waste when added up across many dorms, offices, and common spaces.

  • Turn off the lights in all spaces.
    Don't forget to check common areas.

  • Shut and latch all windows tightly, then close blinds and curtains if available.
    This keeps heating & cooling inside where it belongs.

  • Close all interior and exterior doors.
    This helps building energy systems perform better.

  • Shutdown non-essential equipment (printers, freezers, growth chambers) in lab and office spaces.
    Create a checklist with your team to ensure the right equipment is shut down.

  • Check thermostat, and if easily adjustable, turn down to 65F (but not off) for winter, or 75F for summer.
    Reducing heating and cooling while buildings are unoccupied keeps energy waste to a minimum.

  • Report facilities issues like leaky faucets, broken windows, overly hot/cold rooms.
    Breaks are a good time to have partners in Facilities prioritize work that improves energy and water efficiency.

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Remind colleagues and students to take these actions before they leave, too! Share these steps on social media:


Your Actions Matter

Whether you are working on campus or remotely you can quickly “power down” your workspaces before a break to help us create our carbon neutral campus by 2035.

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