Green Office & Lab Program

Green Office and Green Lab Programs

When spaces are created and maintained sustainably, individuals, communities, and the planet all benefit. Sustainable spaces mean regulating temperature and light efficiently if applicable, protecting individual health and wellbeing, reducing plug loads, and minimizing paper use. With lower energy bills comes reductions in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, so integrating sustainability in your spaces protects the planet, too. 

Programs and Resources

Earning the green office certificate

Green Your Office

Create a certified sustainable office in 5 easy steps.

In the lab

Green Your Lab

Make your laboratory sustainable with Cornell’s 4-step certification program.  

Composting at an event

Green Your Event

Learn how to make your events and programs sustainable.

Weill medical college green team

Sustainability Teams

Join Cornell’s campus-wide Sustainability Teams today, and gain the tools, knowledge, and leadership skills to inspire sustainable practices in a fun and engaging environment.