Green Office

Green Office Certification Program

The Green Office Certification Program includes a point-based, self-assessment checklist which offices use to assess their current practices, set goals to initiate new patterns, and earn recognition for their efforts in the following areas. 

Use this program to complete an office certification, or use the guidelines to help target areas for improvement in your office or unit.  The Cornell program focuses on the following areas: Energy, Purchasing, Recycling & Waste, Community engagement, greening your events, and transportation.

Get Started on Certification:

  1. Download the Green Office Checklist.
    Read the overview and instructions on each page for details about what to look for in your office. 

  2. Complete the Checklist
    Complete the checklist by identifying your office's previous and current sustainable actions. Each action earns assigned points, so the more actions your office is doing (or will implement before submitting the checklist), the more points awarded toward your certification. Use the resources guides below to help introduce new sustainable practices into your workgroup.

Energy saving MAC settingsEnergy savings PC settingsEnergy Convservation

Green EventsRecyclingTransportationWaste

  1. Register Your Submission
    Send us an email to register.  This will start a process for us to regularly provide you and your office with re-certification reminders and support for campus sustainability opportunities.

  2. Submit your completed checklist to the Campus Sustainability Office in one of the following ways:

    • Upload to Cornell Box in your own department folder (assigned to you when you register)

    • Email the checklist to

    • Interoffice mail: Campus Sustainability Office, 129 Humphreys Service Building

  3. Gain your certification!

Green Office Rankings Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum