Oaks in CU Soil

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Oaks in CU Soil

Sustainable Landscapes Trail at Cornell University

In 2015, the Stocking building was renovated across from Peterson parking lot on Tower Rd. The design of space called for 5 Chinkapin Oaks, (Quercus muehlenbergii) to be planted in the sidewalk along Tower Rd. Often when this happens, soil underneath the pavement is compacted to the point where it excludes root growth. CU-Structural Soil was created at Cornell University to allow trees to grow in paved environments with required compaction yet still support healthy root growth. Chinkapin Oak is tolerant of drought and alkaline soils, a common site condition for trees growing in CU-Structural Soil.



Why is this site sustainable?

  • Soil modification (use of CU-Structural Soil) under sidewalks to promote root growth.
  • Choice of appropriate trees for low maintenance and adaptation to challenging hot microclimate and no irrigation.
  • Creating a place for people to gather in shaded conditions near the bus stop.

Construction & Function

The CU-Structural Soil was laid as a trench under the trees, 140’ long x 12’wide x 36” deep. This should provide a large enough common soil volume for tree growth.

For more information about this see: CU-Structural Soil™