Think Big, Live Green

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Think Big, Live Green is a motto and a program that connects Cornell community members with resources and opportunities to minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainability efforts on campus. Remember, small actions have big results!  

Think Big, Live Green is a framework that is regularly implemented by the Cornell Sustainability Teams, but the tools and resources can be used by anyone on campus. When fully implemented, the Think Big, Live Green campaign aims to reduce campus energy use by 5% each year, equivalent to 10.7M kWh and 4500 metric tons of CO2e emissions per year.  Implementation of TBLG is part of Cornell's Climate Action Plan.

Review the Resources

Review resources in the Programs & Guides section of this website for ideas about how to get started, including a Green Office Certification, Green Lab Certification, or participating in EnergySmackdown or Recyclemania.

Think Big, Live Green also has a number of stickers and posters ready to go for you to hang up in your office or lab. 

Think Big Live Green Resources

Participate in the Themes

Each month, Sustainability Leaders will receive tips to support a sustainability culture on campus. By following the themes, you can align your efforts with broader campus events and resources. The annual TBLG calendar:

  • August/September Food and Transportation

  • October/November Buildings and Energy (EnergySmackdown)

  • December/January Climate Leadership and Human Wellbeing

  • February/March Materials Management (Recyclemania)

  • April Sustainability Month – Everything!

  • May Water and Land

  • June/July Campus Sustainability Planning

Organize an Event, Training, or Program

No action is too small. Contact the Sustainability Engagement Manager to get started.

Now you can print your own recycling and composting signs for your office, home, event, etc. No need for explanation. Just print, hang, and collect later. Save paper and make sure to keep the signs when you are finished, so you do not have to print more. Link below: