Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

Bill & Melinda Gates Hall

LEED Certified Gold

The entrance of Gates Hall facing Hoy Road
The unique design of Gates Hall uses sunlight strategically to bring in light while staying cool inside.

Designed by the elite architectural team at Morphosis and lead by Pritzker Prize winning architect Thom Mayne, the angular sunshades adorning Gates Hall contributed to the LEED gold certification of the structure. Light is introduced into this computing center strategically, reducing the electrical load necessary to light spaces while also blocking heat-inducing sunlight at differing periods in the solar cycle.

Total Score: 61 out of 110 possible points.

LEED Certification Report:  Gate Hall 

How is Green Measured?

Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy / Atmosphere
Materials / Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Innovation & Design
Regional Priority
Possible Points
26 10 35 14 15 6 4
Earned Points
19 6 17 2 9 6 2

Project Highlights

Project designers wanted to incorporate recycled content and regionally manufactured materials in the building and furnishings. The modern interior design emphasizes the structural building components (concrete and metal). Both of these products contain a large percentage of recycled content.

Student walking through Gates Hall-with lots of natural lighting brightening up the hallway.
The open space between floors of Gates Hall lets natural light carry through the many sitting areas.

The building energy use and equipment performance has been fully commissioned and will be constantly revisited by University Energy and Sustainability Department staff who seek to maximize performance and cut energy use at the University. This benefits the planet and ensures our maximum return on the investment we make in efficiency in our buildings.

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