Hughes Hall

The courtyard of Hughes Hall, showing the stone exterior
A courtyard of the graduate residential hall.

Hughes Hall

LEED Certified Gold

Hughes Hall of the Cornell Law School has been awarded a LEED® Gold Rating by the US Green Building Council. Unused space was repurposed into new, beautiful, and efficient housing for Law students. 

On the LEED-certified scorecard, Hughes Hall scored 68 out of 110 possible points. For a full breakdown, review the report on the US Green Buildings Certification (USGBC) website.

 Sustainable SitesWater EfficiencyEnergy & AtmosphereMaterials & ResourcesIndoor Environmental QualityInnovation & DesignRegional Priority
Points Earned17 / 268 / 1023 / 356 / 146 / 156 / 62 / 4

Project Highlights

  • Efficient mechanical and electrical systems installed during the remodel reduced energy costs by 66%, which equates to $50,000 yearly. The systems use vacancy sensors and reduce the frequency and voltage of energy supplied based on vacancy.
  • High-efficiency low-flow water fixtures help reduce water use in the building by 40%.
  • Throughout construction, recycled and sustainably harvested building materials were used, along with flooring, paints, and sealants that meet strict volatile organic compound regulations to reduce indoor air pollution.

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