Klarman Hall

Arts and Sciences students walk through the Klarman Hall atrium
Arts and Sciences (CAS) students walk past what used to be the outside of Goldwin Smith Hall but is now encased in the Klarman Hall Atrium.

Klarman Hall

LEED Certified Platinum

Klarman Hall introduced many new green-building features to our campus, including natural-daylight shafts for the building’s interior, rainwater reclamation systems that will save valuable water resources, and an innovative rooftop photovoltaic power-purchase-agreement model. This new arrangement not only provides power to Klarman Hall but also to the nearby Human Ecology Building — also LEED Platinum certified.

On the LEED-certified scorecard, Klarman Hall scored 87 out of 110 possible points. For a full breakdown, review the report on the US Green Buildings Certification (USGBC) website.

Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation & Design Regional Priority
Points Earned 21 / 26 10 / 10 30 / 35 5 / 14 11 / 15 6 / 6 4 / 4

Project Highlights

  • 90kW of electrical energy is generated by solar panels installed as a result of the Klarman Hall project
  • 55% Modeled energy use reduction vs. a baseline building
  • 118k Gallons of rainwater captured and reused per year
  • 70% Modeled water use reduction vs. a baseline building
  • 97% Wood used in construction is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • 8100 Square feet of green roof installed
  • High-performance glazing and optimized shading over the atrium to reduce solar heat gain
  • Light wells to allow daylight to penetrate the office block interior
  • A radiant floor system in the atrium to provide heat
  • Chilled beams to provide energy-efficient heating and cooling to the offices

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