Weill Cornell Medical College New York City Belfer Research Building

Weill Cornell Medical College New York City Belfer Research Building

LEED Certified Gold

The Belfer Research Building is only the second laboratory building in New York City to receive a LEED Gold rating, earning points in every section of the LEED checklist, including excellent energy performance, design innovation, and other sustainable practices.

On the LEED-certified scorecard, Weill Cornell Medical College scored 43 out of 69 possible points. For a full breakdown, review the report on the US Green Buildings Certification (USGBC) website.

Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation & Design
Points Earned 9 / 14 4 / 5 6 / 17 7 / 13 12 / 15 5 / 5

Project Highlights

It consumes 18 percent less energy than a minimally code-compliant structure by employing energy-saving mechanical systems, including a high-efficiency HVAC system, energy-conserving heat exchangers, and daylight-responsive lighting controls. A double-layer glass curtain wall is designed so that the outer fritted glass wall reflects the sun's heat and shades the inner high-efficiency glass, greatly reducing the heat load on the building's air conditioning system.

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