Marriot Learning Center

Marriott Learning Center

LEED Certified Gold

Marriott Learning Center has undergone renovations utilizing the LEED® CI (Commercial Interiors) systems. By selecting energy efficient lighting and contA student sits in a comfortable chair near the help desk.rols, the Learning Center reduced electrical lightning consumption by 25.9%. In addition, all wood products installed contained no added urea-formaldehyde which may cause health concerns.

Total Score: 61 out of 110 possible points.

LEED Certification Report: Marriott Learning Center

How is Green Measured?

Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy / Atmosphere
Materials / Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Innovation & Design
Regional Priority
Possible Points
21 11 37 14 17 7 4
Earned Points
19 0 20 4 10 6 3

Project Highlights

Diverted over 60% of construction waste from landfills.

Students lounge and study in the Mariott Learning Center.Donated furnishings and library supplies to various non-profits including museums, libraries and historical societies in the central New York area.

100% of eligible equipment and appliances are Energy Star rated.

LEED®, and its related logo, is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and is used with permission.