Riley-Robb Hall Biofuels Research Laboratory

LEED Certified Gold

The Riley Robb Biofuels Laboratory was the first campus renovation project to earn LEED Certification, and earned an innovation credit for utilizing Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified materials. In addition to the building’s green features, Riley Robb Hall is where much of Cornell’s research into renewable energy solutions takes place.

Total Score: 40 out of 69 possible points.

LEED Certification Report: Biofuels Research Laboratory

How is Green Measured?

Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy / Atmosphere
Materials / Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Innovation & Design
Regional Priority
Possible Points
14 5 17 13 15 4 1
Earned Points
7 3 8 8 9 4 1
LEED v.2009 Commercial Interiors system

Project Highlights

  • Riley Robb Hall is the first campus renovation project which earned LEED certification.
  • The project earned an innovation credit for utilizing Cradle to Cradle(C2C) certified materials

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